Old Stump

  1. Old Stump  that you might consider dead still provides life to other organisms. It’s good to leave some bits and pieces around your yard. Don’t be too quick to have such a neat and tidy  property. You’ll be surprised with what will grow.IMG_4048.JPG

  • So fun decorating a smoothie bowlIMG_3541IMG_3542Smoothie bowl made with nova Scotia blueberries and peaches. Also made a delicious smoothie with banana, almond butter and vanilla soy milk.  Went for an early morning walk with karma up to the end of the road. I think it’s gonna be one of those days where it’s sunny then cloudy on and off. I had two woodpeckers here this morning fighting over some berries in one of the trees. Then the hummingbirds got in on the action. I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel.IMG_3543