Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • So fun decorating a smoothie bowlIMG_3541IMG_3542Smoothie bowl made with nova Scotia blueberries and peaches. Also made a delicious smoothie with banana, almond butter and vanilla soy milk.  Went for an early morning walk with karma up to the end of the road. I think it’s gonna be one of those days where it’s sunny then cloudy on and off. I had two woodpeckers here this morning fighting over some berries in one of the trees. Then the hummingbirds got in on the action. I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel.IMG_3543

  •  I can’t remember if I already posted this tiny painting I did that was inspired by someone on Pinterest. So I just stuck it up with some Velcro  above my coffee maker. Do you like my vintage mug? I love all things Florida!

Green Drink

  •  This morning the weather took a bit of a turn. It was only 12° when I got up this morning. However the sun is out now and it’s quite hot. I was in making a cup of coffee.  I thought I should probably make something green also.  So I just chopped up some celery, spinach and a green apple. It’s delicious. And I think it looks really great in my vintage glass with the cute oranges on it. So I hope you enjoy your day.

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