Monthly Archives: September 2015

Tree Snail

I don’t know if there is such a creature as a tree snail, but this fella was making his way down a huge tree the other morning.  His buddy had already made it to a shady under hanging piece of bark.  They seem like such laid back creatures.  With those weird antenna that they can pull into their head or stick out and wiggle around, how can you resist watching them for a few minutes.

Moss Spots

I have been sitting on this same large flat rock for the last four summers every morning.  Only this one morning I really take notice of these three spots of moss growing on it.  I love moss of every type and this make my sitting rock even more special.  I think I will name them the 3 sons, after my 3 sons.  It was my Mother who would have placed this rock when she was making this outcropping on the lake.

Bee Rescue

So this big bumble bee was just laying on my lawn chair around dusk that other day.  It was missing part of one antenna but otherwise seemed ok.  I think it was just trying to rest after some encounter so I brought out some honey and put some pollen down for it.  Took a bunch of photos then went in for the night.  Next morning the bee was gone.

Road Trip

We dove down to Centerville to pick up a dresser that was my Father’s when he was a boy.  It had been handed down to the other siblings and now had made it’s way to me.  It was a lovely day for a short car ride.  The sky just seemed to be more blue than usual.  You can see in the photo why Nova Scotia has the highest tides in the world.  I always find the mud flats at low tide creepy.