The Best Find Of The Day

Sunday we headed out to the flea market that is set up each weekend nearby.  It was hot already at only 9:30am and only became hotter.  There were the usual sellers that you would expect to find.  Some with mostly clothing or children’s toys.  The people who have been selling antiques and really too pricey for a flea market on the side of the road.  One fella selling old tools had a cute little side table I wanted, but it was already sold.  Another lady had two end tables for only $10.  They would be good in a cottage painted aqua, but I already have a set.  Picked up a couple of shelf brackets as I need a shelf above my Tiki Bar for my wine glasses.  I had a fun time chatting with a book seller along with my sister-in-law who ended up buying the book we were laughing about.  I did find two cute wooden boxes that I will paint.  Oh and bought some Avon foot moisturizer that I know will help with my feet.  I’m always barefoot out here or only flip flops.  We had some fun, picked up a few tidbits and on the way to the car I spotted a big piece of quartz sticking up out of the ground, which we quickly dug out with another flat rock.  So all in all a good time for under $10, but was happy to get back to the Camp and jump in the lake for a swim.

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