Monthly Archives: August 2015

Strange Reflections

Just when I think there is nothing more to take pictures of in the morning down by the Lake shore – I see these strange reflections. The water was barely moving and I think the long lines were the poles on the Warf.  Each picture I took was so different.  A few had color in them.  Just fun.

Life is Good

We have been very busy at the Camp painting some awesome little pictures and sayings.  Actually, most of them have been done by my niece Rebecca and her cousin Dee.  When I went outside to photograph them all I was drawn to the perfect spot of clover.  I love these patches of clover in my yard.  The bees love them also.  I won’t let anyone mow when they are in bloom.  I’ve never been stung by any of them and I do walk on the clover.  I guess they just move aside.  One issue is that Karma our French Mastiff likes to chase them sometimes and she will eat them with no side effects.  She does the same with anything that dares to fly too close to her head, snap and chew.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little sign, Life Is Good.

Mystery Object

So I’m sitting on the Warf drinking tea when I spot this floating in the water.  It is about the size of two golf balls.  Each one round and attached in the center.  Once I picked them up they felt dry and fairly solid, but not hard. They are creamy white with some specks.  I can only guest what they might be.  Here are my guesses and I would like to hear yours.  No cheating with Google.

Turtle eggs or tree fungus

The Best Find Of The Day

Sunday we headed out to the flea market that is set up each weekend nearby.  It was hot already at only 9:30am and only became hotter.  There were the usual sellers that you would expect to find.  Some with mostly clothing or children’s toys.  The people who have been selling antiques and really too pricey for a flea market on the side of the road.  One fella selling old tools had a cute little side table I wanted, but it was already sold.  Another lady had two end tables for only $10.  They would be good in a cottage painted aqua, but I already have a set.  Picked up a couple of shelf brackets as I need a shelf above my Tiki Bar for my wine glasses.  I had a fun time chatting with a book seller along with my sister-in-law who ended up buying the book we were laughing about.  I did find two cute wooden boxes that I will paint.  Oh and bought some Avon foot moisturizer that I know will help with my feet.  I’m always barefoot out here or only flip flops.  We had some fun, picked up a few tidbits and on the way to the car I spotted a big piece of quartz sticking up out of the ground, which we quickly dug out with another flat rock.  So all in all a good time for under $10, but was happy to get back to the Camp and jump in the lake for a swim.

Morning View

I was thinking this morning how fortunate I am to be able to sit with my tea on the lake shore.  The two dogs Karma and Zeus were busy doing their morning sniff it rounds and all was quiet.  The sky was so blue and the sparrows were busy catching what I hope were mosquitos.  I always take my camera in the morning down to the beach as every day there is something to photograph.  You wouldn’t think that on just one acre of land there would be so many things to take pictures of.  So I was lost in thought when something caught my eye.  The little duck family out for their morning dip.  They are so funny with their spiked head feathers.

Walk with my Grandson.

I have a habit of taking my camera around at least twice a day to snap interesting things around the Camp or wherever I happen to be.  This time I had my Grandson Gabriel with me.  We started out picking blueberries then he picked some yellow and green beans from the veggie garden.  Next spring I will be moving the veggie garden to a spot that receives more sun.  The maple trees are really shading it now.  They maple trees sprout all over the place here.  I started pulling them up.  Maybe I will pot them and give them away to some customers at Plan B Halifax.  Anyway, on with the short walk about.  We went up the side driveway where there is a lot of moss, rotting wood and wet areas.  Gabriel took a turn at photographing some mushrooms.  We ended up on the edge of the dirt road where I showed him some edible wild peas.  We headed for the camp to show our finds.